Staff Picks!

This Month’s Picks: Comedy Podcast Episode

Get to know our Helium Comedy Staff! Every other month, we pick a theme and ask our staff to submit their personal favorite and why. Do you see any of your favorites? Check out our playlist below!

Chey M

Box Office Admin, St. Louis

RHLSTP -- "Maria Bamford”

"Maria's signature weird vibes really shine in a long-form interview setting, it's delightful."

Kyle T

Usher, Buffalo

The Always Sunny Podcast -- "The Great Recession"

"Love Glenn's impressions and when they try to describe the economy. "Is 'meek' poor or is 'meek' just kinda like scared of loud noises?"

Matt P

Graphic Design & Marketing Associate, Philadelphia

The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie and Katya -- "Dreaming About Being a Sumo Wrestler with Katya & Katya's Mom"

"On this Mother's Day Special, comedian Deven Green secretly poses questions as Katya's mom. The whole episode is so outrageous I was laughing out loud.”

Emmanuel J

Food Runner, Raleigh

A Safe Place -- "Sexyy Redd"

"This episode gives you insight to what the common people deem important."

Kara D

Box Office, Raleigh

Who Shat on the Floor at My Wedding – "Episode 1: A Crime was Committed"

"Hilarious wedding poo mystery investigation led by bride's BFF, “Detective” Lauren. Absurdity meets true crime, laughter guaranteed."

Jenelle B

Community Relations Manager, Indianapolis

Comedy Bang! Bang! Ep. 150 - Time Bobby Ft. Bobby Moynihan & Paul F. Tompkins

"The saga of Fourvel the Little Orphan Boy is a great example of the absolutely absurd and hilarious world of CBB. K.N.I.F.E G.R.A.B!"

Gabby C

Marketing Associate & Exec Assistant, Philadelphia

Ride with Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone -- "FIGS + Adult Sleepovers"

"Benito and Mary Beth "ride for" the outrageous, yet sexy marketing strategy of FIGS scrubs and the careful planning that goes behind adult sleepovers.”

Parker M

Sound Tech, Raleigh

Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade -- "Bob Odenkirk"

"It's great to hear them talk about SNL and interview cast members and hosts. I picked this one because I recently finished Bob’s book which is great too.”

Dan T

Senior Marketing Manager, Philadelphia

Are you Garbage Comedy Podcast -- "Dan Soder Returns - Colorado Kid"

"4 words: Mountain Dew Test Market!”

Kenny T

Box Office Admin, Portland

Bill Burr's Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning Podcast -- "5-24-18"

"Love Bill Burr's podcast and I lived in Indianapolis when I listened to this story!”

Belle S

Front of House, Buffalo

I Said No Gifts! -- “Ayo Edebiri Disobeys Bridger”

"Ayo Edebiri gifts a man a fine oil painting on canvas of her as a child dressed as Martin Luther King Jr. in her dad’s huge suit and glasses. It’s delightful.”

Rachel W

Box Office, Raleigh

Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project -- "The Wit and Wisdom of the West with Dalton Wilcox"

"Master of characters, Andy Daly, and other improv greats showcase intricate backstories and thought-provoking cowboy poetry for 2 hours of laughs.”

Meredith N

Publicist, Philadelphia

The Honeydew with Ryan Sickler -- "Gareth Reynolds"

"I was screaming at my phone while I was listening and I have been telling everyone about this episode. ”

Jordan F

Digital Marketing Manager, Philadelphia

Comedy Bang! Bang! -- "Memphis Kansas Breeze with Yacht"

"Memphis Kansas Breeze is the sound of a generation - showing their love for beer, women, and trucks. An all-time great episode from an all-time great podcast."

Michelle D

Box Office Admin, Philadelphia

Matt & Shane's Secret Podcast -- "Damn Things Fine (feat. Tom Segura)""

"Gillis's story of being confused for an undercover cop by another cop & thought the cop was repeating a Ying Yang Twin lyric "369" so he replied "Damn things fine”

Max R

Usher, Raleigh

Bad Friends -- "Happy Birthday, Sleepy Bobo ft. Chris Distefano"

"Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino feed off one another like no other duo”

Diana C

Marketing Manager, Philadelphia

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend -- "Questlove""

"The intro is amazing and it just gets funnier and more interesting from there.”

Sydney J

Box Office & Marketing Assistant, Philadelphia

Insanely Chill -- "Catching up with the Giggly Squad"

"I love this episode because it's a hilarious collab between a few of my favorite podcasters.”

Connor S

Sound Production, Austin

Legion of Skanks -- "The Closest Thing I Have To A Brother - Tim Butterly & Mike Rainey"

"One of the greatest moments in comedy podcasting history.”

Patrick M

Sales and Promotions, Philadelphia

Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend -- "The Hans and Frans Lost Movie"

"I grew up watching the sketch on SNL. They wrote a movie that was never made.”

Diego H

Senior Graphic Designer & Marketing Associate, Philadelphia

This Might Get Weird -- "Mamrie Finds a Ghost in her Toilet"

"Just a great laugh, if your a fan of those og YouTubers you’ll love it. This one in particular was hilarious and topical with them talking about Barbie mania.”