Staff Picks!

This Month’s Picks: Comedy TV Series

Get to know our Helium Comedy Staff! Every other month, we pick a theme and ask our staff to submit their personal favorite and why. Do you see any of your favorites below?

Dan Toll

Senior Marketing Manager, Philadelphia

Psych on Amazon Prime

"The premise is really great, Shawn & Gus's bromance everything one would want, & the guest stars are "Wait for iiiit..." Epic!

Gabby Castaño

Exec. Assistant & Marketing Associate, Philadelphia

Superstore on Hulu

"Every episode has me seriously laughing out loud. Everyone is hysterical, down to the extras in the back of some scenes just absolutely kill it."

Belle Sequeira

Front of House, Buffalo

I Think You Should Leave on Netflix

"It’s undeniable, I can rewatch it forever, and I love Tim Robinson."

Brad Grossman

Chief Operating Officer, Philadelphia

Who's the Boss on Youtube TV

"That Tony and Angela really had us rolling"

Mikaela Bailey

Box Office/ Usher, Portland

The Good Place on Netflix

"The comedy helps shine a light on really human situations, questions, and doubts about an afterlife. It introduces themes and characters that I think the show highlights, develops, and wraps up perfectly in just 4 seasons.”

Nicklaus Baxter

Assistant Manager, Indianapolis

Community on Hulu

"It's so peculiar and ceaselessly commits to the bit, and there are some f*ckin' WEIRD bits."

Mike Macaluso

General Manager, Philadelphia

Everybody Loves Raymond on Youtube TV

"It reminds me of the hilarity and chaos of growing up in a big Italian family on Long Island."

Katie Felton

Box Office, Austin

An Idiot Abroad on Apple TV

"The authenticity in which he hates everything is so funny it made me die laughing."

Steven Varela

Server, Austin

Extreme Sisters on TLC Go

"It makes my insides hurt. It's a sick unintentional comedy that leaves me wanting more.”

Robert Jurgensen

Bartender, Raleigh

Jury Duty on Amazon Prime

"It was a unique concept - everyone in the show except ONE person was an actor, and the guy who was NOT an actor, had NO IDEA he was the main character. HILARIOUS."

Diana Campeggio

Senior Marketing Manager, Philadelphia

The Simpsons on Disney Plus

"Because it's still incredible after hundreds of watches”

Patrick McDermott

Sales and Promotions, Philadelphia

The Simpsons on Disney Plus

"I have been watching it a lot recently just as a time filler. But I did grow up watching it and its first 20 seasons are amazing.”

Tripp Wells

Server, Raleigh

The Righteous Gemstones on Max TV

"I’m a big fan of Danny McBride"

Abdou Derrar

General Manager, Raleigh

The Office on Peacock

"It is the best show ever."

Michelle Dowling

Box Office Admin, Philadelphia

Inside Job on Netflix

"Dark humor animated series about the American government and conspiracies. ”

Ben Maher

Marketing Associate, Philadelphia

Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix

"A perfect mix of movies, sketch, character work, heckling, roasting, stand up bits, music and more. Has decades worth of devoted fans due to its ever evolving intelligence, wit and humor!"

Sydney Jack

Marketing & Box Office Asst., Philadelphia

30 Rock on Hulu

"I love Tina Fey. This is my go to show when I need a laugh.”

Jordan Scott Friedman

Digital Marketing Manager, Philadelphia

30 Rock on Hulu

"30 Rock is consistently fun, silly, and at times scathing commentary on the reality of entertainment world and working in network TV. Highly quotable, often over-the-top.”

Jenelle Bickel

Community Relations Manager, Indianapolis

UK - Taskmaster on Youtube

"This show is HILARIOUS. Comedians compete at crazy and silly tasks. It's a great way to introduce yourself to comedians you may not have heard of otherwise."

Isaac Outland

Server, Indianapolis

Full House on Hulu

"This was the first series I really got into as a kid on the Nick reruns, and it still holds up for me to this day"

Diego Raul Hernandez

Senior Graphic Designer & Marketing Associate, Philadelphia

Abbott Elementary on Hulu

"It’s the most original comedy series to come out in a long time, brining in elements of previous mocuseries but still adding new elements.”

Matt Padva

Graphic Design and Marketing Associate, Philadelphia

Broad City on Hulu

"It's relatable and the two lead characters balance each other so well."

Alix Johnston

Server, Portland

Broad City on Hulu

"It’s a classic tale about two mentally ill & broke girlies living in NYC trying to get by with a little help from their friends."

Shayna Davis

Video Production Asst. + Marketing Assoc., Philadelphia

Broad City on Hulu

"I watched Broad City when I was in early college and it was really formative to my sense of humor and intro to comedy + other comics. It's such a comfort show for me."